Artist Review: As Arrows

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


We are kicking off our first Artist Exclusive Review with Toledo, Ohio‘s Christian Rock/Alternative Band, As Arrows! Though only demo versions of their tracks are currently available, it doesn’t take away the refreshing sound that’s not only ear-catchy, but brings you back to that era when Artists once upon a time focused on their ability to create great songs. Great song writing. Do you miss those days? I sure as hell do. That’s why As Arrows ended up being a discovery worth discovering.

This band does not need over-production by any means. From their very natural sound and persona, you can easily hear the brilliant musicianship coming from each member, without crazy Producing tricks to drown out or “auto-correct” anything that naturally just didn’t end up working out while in the studio.

You can grasp a great demonstration of their sound with their up tempo track “Stay With Me“, and have no problem slowing down with an anthem like “No Regrets“.

Overall, As Arrows is one of those bands that reminds you that, indeed, good songwriting still exists! Crazy, right?

Connect with the Band:

Twitter: @As_Arrows_Music



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