Artist Review: Chino Tha Kid

Review by: Sarah Lewis

Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Mike Mcelrath (better known under his stage name, Chino Tha Kid) has been a humble, friendly talented, and big staple in the Artist Reach community. He’s always grinding and participating, as well as help other Artists doing it DIY style shine, including the other Roster Artists. This is a rare characteristic among Indie Artists today, which is why we are very fortunate to have Chino with us on the Roster.

Just like his personality and integrity, his dynamic and at times atmospheric approach to his Hip Hop sound is anything but a letdown. Tracks like “Day Dreaming” demonstrates this atmosphere right from the jump, where in a way, the ambience from the intro leading into the actual beat might remind you of day dreaming itself, chilling back, and listening to Chino’s clever lyricism take you into a style that Chino can very well claim as his own; his touch, his signature sound, and his vibe altogether — rendering Chino a lyricist that has that “on another level” feel to it. And another fantastic element…he sings his own hooks! Sorry Akon, sorry T-Pain…Chino’s got this!

But Chino can get you up off your feet though with an eager quickness with “Murder It” which EASILY is the club banger track here. From the jump, this one throws energy at you without a disclaimer. This could easily be his Hot 97 notoriety, if NYC got up off their asses and actually took time to research something outside of

Chino Tha Kid - Rap/Hip Hop

Chino Tha Kid – Rap/Hip Hop – Mobile, AL

Young Money, Def Jam, and Maybach every once in awhile (Dare to dream!). This track belongs at your next sold out club night, crazy house or block party, or perhaps a wet T-shirt contest. However, from Chino claiming himself to be a murderer in this track, we hope it means him being a murderer of all the Music Business corruption, disruption, and self-destruction. Because he’s way too nice of a guy to be murdering people! (Lol).

Everyone, Chino is the real thing. He’s a must listen, has adequate leadership skills, and can’t get enough praise from us at Artist Reach.

Connect with Chino Tha Kid on Twitter: @CHINOTHEKID

Listen to Chino Tha Kid:

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