Artist Review: Nimo

Review by: Justyn Brodsky 

 Another Hip Hop Interview (3rd one consecutively, actually), with no regrets and yes to big things and big dreams; we are proud to bring you (another) one of Artist Reach’s best Hip Hop discoveries: Nimo. 

With his eyes aimed directly at success, his ambition and support system is not gonna land him with anything less. And his first single, “Celebrating Life , gives him that foreshadow of what’s to come. 

With a raw, solid bass-thumpin beat coming straight outta the gate on this track, celebration is anything but a loose term. This debut single is a perfect demonstration that celebration is an Anthem in and of itself; life altogether. The Production value has a passionate and professional dynamic; making the listener want more. And he has more coming at you when his EP drops. So in case you’re finding Nimo (pun) in the future, chances are you’ll find him in big places, your ITunes playlist, shows in your city, and in your vicinity’s hottest club…celebrating life!

Nimo is coming up fast, and has no intentions of slowing down. And coming from the man himself, you can either go hard or go home.

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Rap / Hip Hop

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