Artist Review: The Rookies

Review By: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from all corners of Dublin, brings you some fun, loving, talented kids with their hearts set beautifully on success as a quartet of best friends.

These guys definitely bring back some of my greatest memories as a young musician myself; which got me to have an even bigger fondness of The Rookies knowing that I was doing almost exactly the same thing they’re doing now…setting the foundation as a younger band so they can have epic stories to tell, lifelong fans/friends, and memories to be had. 

They bring a little something for everyone in the rock and blues category; and aren’t afraid to throw in some cover songs to gain more audience participation and respect from their scene. It also shows the humble presence of being able to notice exactly what they are doing — what they love.

From live originals, covers, acoustic anthems, and a vibe of good times and solid energy, this band of incredibly talented kids remind us that 1. Us musicians in our 30s and older make us feel really old, 2. Our bands and personal musicianship was probably a lot more noticeable and impressive when we were kids and 3. If you wanna make it as a band, you have to remember that you need to be a group of brothers/bestest of friends, and to just do what you love; play what you love, and as an older musician that has probably seen it all by now, can guarantee that those elements make The Rookies completely worth your attention. Kids these days are doing amazing things with the tools in front of them, and these Dublin rockers are a perfect example of that…for exactly the right reasons.

When you meet, watch, or hear The Rookies, rest assured that fans will be anxious to see where they’ll be in 5-10 years; and musicians & listeners will be reminded what kids are capable of, and why we fell in love with music in the first place. These kids deserve any and every bit of attention the USA is willing to give them. Or any person or place in this world that discovers them…just like we did.

Connect with the Rookies:

Twitter: @therookies1


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