Artist Review: Michael Annotti 

Review By: Justyn Brodsky

When Michael Annotti first picked up his guitar and started writing music, he soon realized…everything is changing. Which has always been one of his mottos; which clearly lets you see into the soul of this California roots-reggae and melodic rock solo Artist that we are more than proud to have on our Roster.

When I first started talking to Mr. Annotti, I thought someone this genuine and real is just too good to be true. But seriously…he is just that; genuine and real. No need to question it. Michael has been a major force with us pretty much since we started the Roster, and has been crowned Captain of the Roster not long after. He doesn’t just play his part being a great Artist that shines on the Roster, but helps EVERY other Artist on the Roster as well; whether it’s welcoming them, supporting them, Tweeting them, lifting their spirits, and giving them some attention they may never have had before. This makes him a great asset to Artist Reach and has given us a great bond granted that his dedication to the DIY aspect and just being a true musician with a great heart always has its presence shown.

With songs like “Realize”, a single from his upcoming LP “Everything Is Changing” is a prime example of the realistic nature and soul that Annotti portrays. His voice is soothing, his lyrics always give you something to relate to, and his world-class sound with the swayed tempos that back the simplicity of his feel-good nature with the production necessary to fit its style into a modern day sound of rock & soul is what makes Annotti something more refreshing than I can even comprehend. So labels, venues, festivals…if his demo ever hits your desk, prepare your iPod or disc man (if you still own one) to have at least one of his tracks on repeat while you book him or sign him.

Michael Annotti in one word to me? Soul. He’s a lotta Soul, and add in some Rock. So if I have to classify Annotti to the many influence of genres you can hear from his music, I’m gonna have to trend him under a genre called Rock & Soul.

Michael Annotti’s music and personality are perfectly parallel and this is something that is easily noticeable when you hear his music, then get to know him. Or the other way around. And if you’ve only done one of the two…please do both. Listen to the music, AND get to know a great person.

In my opinion, as one of Artist Reach’s CEOs…the Rosterr wouldn’t be what it is now if it weren’t for Michael Annotti. He is, and always will be Artist Reach Family; and deserves your undivided attention as, once again, this is another discovery that has something much bigger in its path. 

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