Artist Review: Stranger Danger

Review by: Ryan G


Electronic. Heavy. Let’s do this. 

Being a huge fan of the EDM craft that has been trending a new breed of its old self with many new theatrics to it, California’s Stranger Danger gives you new food for the ear and a melodic structure for the soul while never backing down from the energy that’s needed in all the right places.

There’s great buildup in the dynamics and theatrical antics that grab your attention in songs like “Mother Culture” and “Foreign Worlds”. You get to grasp a great sensation of that best-of-both-worlds feeling when you get to hear Male and Female Lead Vocal stimulation. While going into thinking that it’s just another sound in the cloud, you eventually reach the unforgettable and taste tested perfection of the Chorus which allows the verses to experiment with almost any ingredient or flavor in its own wake. Then it shifts into those mood swings that you didn’t see coming. And that’s exactly the ingredients that make Stranger Danger more of an experience for the listener.

Also while not afraid to feature other Artists on their tracks, like Tyretel Iancu and KIP, you can definitely see and hear a soothing revelation in not only a feel-good sort of light, but an open minded one where the listener can really captivate something they can relate to with what they’re feeling, not just what they’re hearing. There are so many key elements in these tracks; it’s almost impossible not to be able to find yourself in a great level of comfort while listening to Stranger Danger. But at the same time, throw in some raw energy and some Death Metal Elements to conjure up an experience you haven’t touched on just yet. But the beauty is, you don’t need a warning nor a disclaimer. You’ll fit perfectly strapped in for this ride.

This is definitely something I think anyone would wanna see, hear, and experience live as well; it’s a combination of must-see and morbid curiosity. The band captures that Fueled-By-Ramen sensibility with the choruses, let’s you build up, jam, lay back if needed, party hard, rock out, and give you the option of whichever mood you crave to fulfill. This music doesn’t force the listener into anything — which is what I think gives Stranger Danger that perfect dose of differentiation that makes them so much different than your average EDM creation that is spoonfed way too often. Stranger Danger brings you something. And the best part is, it’s something that you as a listener get to choose. Just prepare for that something to be amazing.

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