Artist Review: Asylum 81

Review By: Justyn Brodsky



One man army would be the perfect three words to sum up the music of Asylum 81. It’s almost too hard to accurately find the words to describe the moods, textures, and almost visual simulation that you imagine while listening to some of these tracks. But worry not, because while listening, you almost immediately start thinking, “Wow! How does only one person write this?”

Think of one of the best Sci-Fi or Horror Movies you’ve ever seen. Okay, now picture some of the most energetic scenes, best produced action sequences, and groundbreaking climax. Now turn on Asylum’s track, “The End”. Now let your mind become blown, because there’s no better comparison.

This music is Industrial, In-Your-Face, and very awesomely unpredictable. It has that early to mid-2000s feel but with very blissful moods to give the energy some low-key texture in all the right places. It ascends, descends, lifts you, grabs you, and never leaves you short of breath. 

The production value is right where it needs to be; and is definitely something that you’d blast in a high-wattage & ultra bass Sony Xplode car system. You’d easily grasp that video-game-pacing these tracks give off (no matter what car you’re driving).

With the right agency, the right connections, and the right industry for Asylum 81, I can definitely see some high-paying potential in the Video Game & Movie Score placement. As for a live show? Form a band that has the ability to perform high-octane Industrial/Metal and let Asylum write everything (think along the lines of Pitchshifter / Nine Inch Nails). Or have him DJ one of the craziest raves you’ve ever been to.

This music is written from a brilliant mind. And carries with it a visual experience if you really sink your teeth into it. We are stoked to have Asylum on the Roster; not just for being a brilliant musician, but for bringing something the other Roster Artists do…differentiation and diversity; rendering Asylum 81 another amazing discovery on our platform. Now here’s your chance to discover him.

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