Artist Review: Autumn City

Review By: Justyn Brodsky


Hailing from our neighboring state of New Jersey brings you some female-fronted, catchy-acoustic awesomeness; better known under the name Autumn City.

I have to admit, while most times I’m listening to “singles” or “demos”, I took the liberty of listening to every track from their recently released LP, “Tuesday’s Song”.

While for some fans it might be easy to pick a “favorite” track off this album; meanwhile for me, my favorite track is, well, the entire CD. And I mean that in a way where it’s an album that doesn’t need a “hit single” to be boasted or marketed; what makes this album is…the album. And I have a feeling you know exactly what I’m talking about. Where the entire CD is almost an entire song in and of itself. No need to skip tracks. Just let it play from start to finish, and take it all in. Because the simplicity and beauty of acoustic music is, it’s so easy-going and soothing like a back rub. Nothing gets too rough and nothing goes stale. You just let the moment be exactly just that…the moment. Don’t try to rethink it.

The band this past February played to a sold out crowd for their Cd Release of “Tuesday’s Song” at The Saint in Asbury Park. A venue I myself have played with a couple of my previous bands while out on a tour. They even gained some momentum with getting a very positive write-up in their local Newspaper. 

Autumn City is one of those talented, well-written, and good-vibe kinda groups that is perfect to order some good beer or wine at your favorite venue/drinking spot, and just enjoy the heart and soul of this group. The music has that cleverness of the likes of Jack Johnson, the fun-loving vibe of Paramore, and the steadiness & consistency of the acoustic days of The Spill Canvas. 

If you see Autumn City on a show flyer or have the time to click your browser over to their Merch store, just know they’re very well worth your attention. You’ll be glad you made the effort to put some Autumn City in your life.

Connect with Autumn City

Twitter: @AutumnCityMusic


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