Artist Review: DJ RD

Review By: Justyn Brodsky


Diddee Rishabh (DJ RD), a Native and Resident of India has been creating an explosive EDM presence since writing, mixing, mastering, and self-producing his own music that’s been making an astonishing mark in the US EDM circuit since his music hit the clouds of sound and the nation of reverb.

There are many moods to RD’s frantic and air lifting build ups in tracks like “Bass Up” and “Change”. As a musician, you’ll notice the progressions are very friendly to the theoretical writing process leaving the forefront open for tasty and goosebump-worthy melodies that can really make you enjoy this EDM-glow and atmosphere RD has really shined light with. He’s not out to do anything risky by making it “revolutionary” or something “you haven’t heard quite yet”. He has taken a great passion in the science of mastering the craft of mixing and mastering a unique EDM style by simply utilizing the genre in a way where it’s been done very well. No gimmicks. No nonsense. Just another excellent discovery that needs to be showcased to an audience.

One great thing about RD…you don’t have to be a fan of EDM to take a liking to him. He has taste buds that can satisfy listeners looking for a different mood. He expresses a great, subtle change of intensity when featuring female vocal tracks (Luciana) in tracks like “Arcadia”, which also is brought into a different light with a remix version of this song as well. This is where you really grasp RD’s demonstration that melodies and progressions are where his strengths are in his EDM arrangements. They are, in my opinion, defining factors.

When you hear the intensity of his non-featured-strictly-self-produced tracks, you get that feeling of being at the craziest rave you’ve ever been to. Forget the drugs, the music is all the enhancement needed. Then when ready for something lighter, perhaps in a stage of psychological plateau, listen to his Luciana featured tracks. 

So far in the realm of EDM I’ve personally explored, RD has produced some of the best ear-catching melodies I’ve come by–and would not be surprised in the least seeing DJ RD spinning his music at your clubbing hot-spots. He’s a young man…and I’m stoked to see what he comes up with over these years to come. 

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Twitter: @DiddeeRishabh


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