Artist Review: Badass Beauty

Review By: Justyn Brodsky


To all you men out there that have morbid, uncontrollable crushes, urges, and obsessive undying love for females who ROCK and rock really well, better form a line to get a piece of this Artist…a LONG line.

She goes by the stage name BadAss Beauty. Both words perfectly suit her; it is the farthest thing from an oxymoron. 

Visiting her Reverbnation page landed me on her first track with a straightforward title that already might make you crawl on the floor, I Love Him WTF. Trust me, you’ll wish the “him” was you. Why? Well, click Play first.

The track shows no mercy by any means. It’s a high-octane and brutal slap in the face with a very hybrid, heavy, and harmony-driven melodic Chorus that blasts this song off that diminishes any doubts on whether or not “Badass” is a name she can live up to. She does this from the first track, in the most impressively original and powerfully-produced way. So put Smart along with Badass. She starts it off right.

You also hear, based on the performance value, that she chose some top-of-the-line Musicians to join her on the musical journey she’s currently on.

Her hit single, appropriately titled Bad Ass Beauty, is self reflective, confidence-lifting for other girls already or about to Rock, and just screams out her passion of energetic song structures that are to a science and chemistry of her own. And as she would say, it’s a chemistry of something that’s literally a Musical Bitch Slap. 

Best of all, her band are no dummies. They happen to be Berklee College of Music Graduates. It’s unstated if any of their learnings at the campus ended up inspiring their craft of songwriting–but it doesn’t matter. This music is something that is truly a stamp of MUST-LISTEN.

In my opinion, if women are the next to own metal in more ways than currently boasted, Bad Ass Beauty will carry the torch; and in our opinion, already does!

For Fans of: Sevendust, Alanis Morissette, Living Colour, Evanescence

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