Artist Review: The Aquaducks 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

You want some groove in your life? These Nashville Ducks will serve it up.

Starting with the charismatic track Nightlife, you immediately hear vocals that are set out to make sure you don’t skip over this song, or rush to any judgement. If first impressions are somewhere on the priority list for this band, they put it at the very top. These vocal textures provide soul, energy, and a visionary characteristic that suits the song title, and almost has a Maroon 5 sensibility to it. This really is a song you would wanna go out and go dancing to at a night-time hotspot. 

Then steps in the musicianship, which leaves you no short of surprises; a complimenting horn section including a mind bending sax solo, brilliant piano grooves, harmonizing and dueling guitar riffs all backed up by a tight rhythm section and backup-singer-style that gives them a full show-band & Broadway kind of style giving them the perfect theatrical edge. All I kept thinking in my head was, “damn, this band’s live show HAS to be off the hook!”. 

They leave plenty of room to calm the instrumentation down to remind you that the lead singer wants your FULL attention. So there’s no doubt in my mind that this band’s live show will have you blown away by the musicianship, granted you hear top-notch talent coming from ALL directions.

The Light is a track that grooves all the same, but brings with it a jazz sensibility with almost the same theatrical feel to it. Same soul-grabbing vocals that work perfectly. The singer is almost too good to be true to have found a band full of guys playing EXACTLY the style needed to showcase his range, entertainment value, and melody placement. 

Something else I noticed; this band doesn’t overdose themselves on vocal harmonies. It’s clear as day that another top priority for the Ducks is just ridiculously A-Class songwriting. I almost can’t stress enough how well structured, well produced, and ear pleasing even the most moderate of ears can notice with how good the songwriting is. This band EASILY could be the next Tonight Show band. Their sound has that overall Entertainment value that I personally think would steal the show from any stage or TV Show they would ever grace.

Seriously, this band is innovative, dynamic, way-above-average in musicianship, and show no discrepancies or even slight questioning of their ability to craft spectacular songs. In fact, I’m almost petrified (in all the greatest possible ways) of what kind of material is on the future horizon for the Aquaducks. It might make me re-think or question my own ability of being able to write REALLY good songs. The songs that grab hold, and have yet to let go. That’s what these guys have. Nashville has an elite Music Scene with talent flourishing the landscape, and I truly believe The Aquaducks are leaving a big mark, and can’t possibly go unnoticed regardless of where they play!

Do yourselves a BIG favor and listen to this band. Put it at the top of YOUR priority list!

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