Artist Review: Big Homie Gwap

Review By : Justyn Brodsky

 In just a few short years, Big Homie Gwap, Producer / Engineer and CEO of Lloud Music, went from a group of young talented ambitious Rappers and Producers, to a studio that has positioned itself to become a force in the industry by setting the standard for the newest and freshest trends of today’s dynamic of Music. Lloud Music is a new corporation of many diverse sounds and cultures developed by years of interaction.

This kinda interaction pays off with strong ears for Musicianship and detail for making beats. Starting fresh on the Soundcloud for some of their work, I started off with their beat “Magic Tricks”. 

Make no mistake about it, we have a lot of magic here; and atmosphere. This beat gives a soothing dynamic that allows a really good hook to start this off, and can put a Rapper behind this beat at ease while being able to write his lyrics based on picturing the Music in your mind, and perhaps tell a story as the hook comes back to relieve the verse and soothe you with that back-rub sorta feeling before the story continues.

The track portrays beauty, a stride with a vibe, and never outdoes itself in any way. 

Moving onto beat banger “Man Down”. A very energetic and diverse, almost Cinematic/Tarantino feel to it while keeping that same atmosphere in the equation. There’s an original persona behind the mixes & masters you hear when listening to these tracks. Even myself, who can’t Rap in the least, feels a will to take a shot at spitting a few bars or a verse to some of these tracks.

Then we come to “Stooopid”, which shows a really good demonstration on how energetic these tracks can be. This is a perfect feature-style track that can showcase many Rap superstars if put into the equation. From what I gather, the minds that mold these tracks are at that “another level” plateau. These guys have their ears and eyes dead set on success, and you can hear the passion that flows through every production stage this crew takes themselves through. These are clearly hit makers being brought to life, and need to not only be heard, but discovered gracefully by those that can take these track masters to the top. Big Homie has Big things coming; and with the right team, tools, talents and ambitions…it’s an unstoppable prophecy. 

So far their music has been played on several radio stations from Boston, Massachusetts to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Online radio stations such as Pandora and Jango as well.

In the next few years, the company’s goal is to develop new talent and pass along their experiences, and inspirations that gives them the drive that they have today. Lloud Music is going to be a force in the Music Industry and an unmatched conglomerate. We here at Artist Reach don’t only think so as well, but KNOW so!

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