Artist Review: Brendan Pugh

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Christina Myers

United States Marine, Brendan Pugh through his Music is an insatiable realm of self reflection of one of those things all of us can relate to: Relationships. Some bitter, some sweet…no bitter sweetness. Which also helps you evaluate that Brendan doesn’t hanker for in-betweens. If he sways one direction, it’s an unforgettably positive one.

First track we stumbled on is The Last Song. A bitter farewell to an unnamed past love that is claimed to deserve no more attention, thought, and most importantly–no more songs. “This relationship is a prison, I just wanna be free” and “I’ll see you in hell” are clear examples of this lyrical content that is promising that this unnamed love’s status in Brendan’s life is anything but amicable. Her loss.

The music displays a precision of simplicity with beautiful foreground violins to let the song succumb to a folky edge, and overall sets the tone for this song in an absolutely perfect dynamic that makes the parallels between his lyrical content, melodies, ridiculously perfect harmonies in exactly the right places, and overall composition adamantly on point with everything it is aiming to make you listen and feel with this song’s delivery, which is actually more dark–to allow the lyrical content’s mixture of raw emotions to fit in beautifully. It’s a song that harbors the perfect production value needed to showcase this track, and makes you want more of this artist.

Then steps in the song Friend or Foe, which again–starts out with undeniable and untouchable beauty between beautiful rudiments and picking textures with violins to compliment Brendan’s balance, composure, and full six-string orchestration that’s portrayed in this track. This track is a very uplifting journey into the optimistic side of Brendan–and leaves you with a very good feeling throughout the measures and structures that make the lyrical delivery and composition’s mood a perfect match for each other. 

There is no confusion to Brendan’s songwriting–he’s the type of Artist where just an instrumental could easily get you to picture the mood he is in, and what thoughts he may sustain at that time. This is a very key element to knowing just how gifted a Songwriter like Brendan is–and that he was born to do this…to live and breathe music. It’s like holding a conversation through instrumentation. It’s a solidifying and crucial part to Brendan’s talent and really showcases a very dynamically expressive brilliant mind and ability. And another thing noticeable about Brendan is his brilliance in writing strong, powerful choruses that make these songs possible Anthems to your life.
When you listen to Brendan Pugh, out of all the other acoustic/solo artists out there, he is one that should be (and needs to be) in your selection of favorites.

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