Artist Review: Inscape

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Hailing from the Metro Area of Toronto, Roster Artist Inscape encompasses some new food for the ear; and this isn’t done with over the top experimentation, over producing, or exiting any boundaries of musical ethics just to make himself “different”. No. This is a journey into something very uniquely blended, and covers all the strengths that the music of Inscape brings to the table with his Finally Some Good EP.

The title of this EP does not disappoint; if you’ve listened to some not-so-satisfying indies lately, then “finally some good” is exactly what you’ll be thinking when you give Inscape a listen.

There are some Artists or Bands out there described as “unique” that may require an “acquired taste” to get into what they’re doing; where your first impression might’ve been a little shaky, but eventually, the Artist grows on you. However this is not the case here. We have a heavy dose of uniqueness that leaves the listener comfortable, interested, and very captivated by this dark side of beauty that is emotionally crafted in the compositions portrayed with in my opinion, some of the best 90s influences in this story-telling approach that comes with Inscape’s cleverness. 

The song “Clouded Glasses” gives you the perfect demonstration of Inscape. I highly recommend watching his self-produced animated Official Music Video for this song first; it truly straps you in for the ride of audio and imagery. A Rock and Roll Ballad/Anthem that tells a story of a very emotionally tormented character that goes through a self destructive battle starting with the loss of a loved one caused by betrayal–leading this character into a spiral of vengeance, darkness, resolution, retribution, and eventually…resignation and acceptance. All while leaving the ear and the eyes with perfect parallels to take this song in for what it really is, and for the talent and uniqueness that is showcased.

Then I caught a Female-Featured Rhythm and Blues side in the opening chorus of “The Wasted” which surprisingly still has that same niche and sound first portrayed in the previous song. Powerful choruses are ever present with dueling guitar-work to mesh in with this vibe that I truly haven’t heard anything quite like. And it’s not a “love it or hate it” type of diversity; the textures and dynamics to Inscape holds a very clever diligence to the friendly ear. With this song a little more toned down in some areas, the strength never strays away from the structures and songwriting techniques that makes Inscape one of your favorite new discoveries. This is music that brings with it the intelligence that can render these songs more as works of Art. A poetic indulgence into the mind and soul of a gifted writer, story teller, producer, and Multi-Musician.

After hearing these tracks from Finally Some Good, it makes me very curious, anxious, and morbidly stoked to hear what Inscape comes out with next. This is an Artist that should get all of your undivided attention and loyalty; because the evolution of this Artist is going to surpass anything you might expect, and leave you wanting to really know Inscape’s full story; which will keep you hooked to this Artist, and paying close attention.
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