Artist Review: Ajia Clark

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A range of vocals. A rage of emotions. And a dazzling treat for the soul.

Ajia Clark, a Grammy Member who made the 56th Grammy Ballet, brings back that tradition of soulful jazz with her song “Ooo La La”, which provides the clever introductory piano riffs and all. 

The band behind her has a perfect toned-down texture where it not only showcases some of the best music theory without drowning out the vocals, but leaves every window open enough for Ajia to show that her range is not only broadened, but is used in a way where she could jump to any part of that gifted range altogether at any time, and quickly! 

Her complimentary vocal multi-overdubs in this track also is placed in all the right spots to give it that overtone and swing that’s needed for a song like this. She has an Official Music Video for this song; you really need to watch it!

This same soulful jazzy sound consistently keeps things moving with her track “What Am I To Do”. A little more upbeat, and showcases the perfect blending of all the elements needed to tackle this genre along with the strengths of Ajia’s vocal range. So far from these two tracks alone, it’s no surprise she holds a Grammy Member title. I think it’s about time for her to win one.

Cool Fact: The studio console used on these tracks just happens to be the same console that conjured up Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. 

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