Artist Review: Fernando Triff

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


This is a very special review; not just because of getting the opportunity to review this artist, but for being handpicked by the Staff at Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes/Convention (Miami, FL) to review this artist who will be performing at the yearly convention as well.

Fernando Triff is definitely some energetic food for the ear with his track “Risk Taker”, which puts a great bend to this Alternative/Rock genre with an EDM sensibility. The production’s unique plugin usage really caught my engineering part of the brain quite nicely, and really puts the trivial parts of this genre aside. But call it will, you can bob your head to this, stomp your feet, or jump around. Because this track is anything but a standstill.

His sing-songy style really broadens out his capabilities and has that uniqueness that really makes the energy aspect to this genre almost reinvent or redefine itself. You have the verses that keep the feet stomping, and the ambience in the choruses to grab your attention in a way where you feel like you just expect the unexpected. And as complex as that may sound, and whatever genre you wanna put this under, his sound has a very solid brilliance to it.

Fernando, an Award Winning Artist and currently on the MTV charts right now, has been writing and producing his own tracks since he was 16, and will be performing at next year’s Coast 2 Coast Convention in Miami. I would also like to give a huge thanks to the guys at Coast 2 Coast for hand picking us here at Artist Reach to review this artist on the rise. And to everyone else, if you are attending the convention next year…keep your eye out for Fernando Triff! 

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  • Twitter: @Ftriff
  • Instagram: @behindy74

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