Artist Review: TJ Leonard

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Country Ballads. Very talented string players. And powerful choruses make Swedish Country/Folk CMT Top 50 Artist TJ Leonard a very soothing and beautiful listen.

Picking up his guitar at age 8 (the exact age I myself picked up a guitar) set the sails for TJ and his journey into music. At age 18 he sang Lead Vocals in a dance band, and also got introduced to Pop and Blues by his cousin; thus setting the foundation for TJ‘s inspirations, aspirations, and influences for what’s to come.

After exploring many genres and performing many large festivals in his Swedish and Denmark homelands with its surroundings in a band called Chestnut, his pursuit of a full-out career in being a creator and ear-catcher began to take shape beautifully. And judging by the start of his early age of incorporating music into his life with such determination and good spirits assures you that TJ is another musician born to do this.

His track “Remember Those Times”, which made it to New Music Weekly Top 40 Charts, displays and portrays a very easy-listening, beautifully arranged approach that could easily fit into your collection of Country favorites. The Official Music Video for this song brings out the aura and beautiful colors of the Western landscape that gives this track imagery along with the audio. It’s got a very well put together string section from violins, steel guitars, and all the right pieces of the puzzle that makes this track brilliant, soothing, and very well written.

His track “Up On That Hill” also captivates you in the same way. With beautiful guitar textures complimenting the other string instruments that give this that classic Country sound that you absolutely love. Once again, never a stone unturned when it comes to a powerful chorus that will make you crave more of this artist. His lyrics are genuine, tell a story, and gives you that feeling of knowing the artist as a person. TJ is definitely a musician that performs, writes, and portrays this genre exactly the way it should be. And he never tries to go over the top with anything; he sticks to the traditional sounds and vibes that makes this genre loved the way it is today; and has always been.

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