Artist Review: After Alice

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

After giving Jackson, SC rockers After Alice just one listen, I was reminded that there are still great bands out there that aren’t afraid to just write great catchy songs influenced by some of the best Rock & Alternative from the 90s, early 2000s, and with a touch of some of the Classic Rock Greats.

When getting your album Tracked, Produced, and Mastered at a Memphis, TN powerhouse like Ardent Studios (recording stomping grounds for Artist superstars like ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, and Soundgarden just to name a few), it’s highly doubtful that you’re gonna be exiting the studio with nothing short of amazing. 

Jumping into AA‘s Nation of Reverb, the song “Chump” (currently receiving some heavy radio play) started things off nicely. First thing I noticed was the natural persona of the band. There’s no Post-Production synthesized craziness or gimmicky tricks that has the engineer boasting “Hey! Look what I can do!”. Truth is, the engineer does do that, but for the right reasons! The original reasons engineers stood up loud and proud of their Tracking and Mastering skills. In this song, we hear very crisp, clean guitars with a well-meshed rhythm section playing some very ear-catching Alternative and Rock oriented material. But one of the defining factors of this group is definitely the Vocals. This is a singer you don’t hear every day with this kind of range. And better yet, this kind of range is some of today’s newer Artists exists, but is overdone and far too spoon fed which ends up making it lose the impact it could really have. This group does not do that.

After hearing the first song, you’re definitely gonna want more. So up next we have the heavier and energetically-fun “Yo Mama” on the list. And just like the predecessor, we hear another song of very well crafted range-driven vocal parts (with some edge-of-your-seat vocal harmonies and dynamic layering) with the band still cruising the same signature riffs that makes AA very diligent in the way they portray their talent. One thing by now you begin to realize is, this group can write a chorus. Remember those really awesome, unforgettable 90’s rock choruses we don’t hear often anymore? Well, After Alice delivers, my friends. 

This is one band that focused more solely on their writing, and the persona of their sound rather than the plugins, post-production silliness, and most studio quirkiness that comes in the Mastering stages. These guys wrote some powerful songs, entered one of the country’s very notable studios, and put down some very brilliantly crafted tracks that are definitely going to appreciated by any Rock or Alternative fan looking for something fresh that can get stuck in their heads. Again, no tricks, no silliness, just a group of rockers with very good writing skills and a signature sound that is extremely rare among the genre in this day & age.

Whether she’s in wonderland or in chains, there is something special going on with After Alice. You’ll absolutely love what these guys have to offer. They’re one of those bands that is definitely going under your “must listen” category among your friends, new music lovers, industry connections, and most of all–yourself!

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