Artist Review: Ronnie Run

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


If one thing is true for this Roster Artist, it’s Ronnie Running for the top spot. And he’s currently heading in that direction at a very fast pace.

Hailing from North Carolina and performing all over the coast, Ronnie Run definitely carries himself with great messages, has very positive atmosphere in his aura, and has a very heavy presence no matter where he goes. He recently just auditioned on America’s Got Talent this past Saturday, and is heading for a dynamically active career in Music.

Jumping over to the Reverb Nation, we get an instant classic status out of his song “I Remember”. With a very uplifting Gospel-oriented beat to start the engine, we get a very charismatic story of Ronnie‘s upbringing, good nature, fun times, friends, and everything that makes life worth remembering. With the omittence of curse words, drug talk, and most of the adult content in a lot of today’s Rap & Hip Hop, it gives RR a great advantage of being an Artist that has something for everyone, at any age; which is refreshing and not very common anymore. On top of the safe, clever lyrical content, we have a great energy source coming from Ronnie‘s flow and rhythmic build ups into very dynamic and vibrant choruses that portray a strong presence in the chemistry that he puts into honing his craft of songwriting. It’s amazing to have an Artist like this who isn’t afraid to put his message out with such strength and leisure, and not letting anyone stand in his way.

Taking us over to his track “Enough (Stop the Bullying)”, we grasp onto a strong anti-bullying awareness that shows the same charisma and flow in his predecessing track. While RR runs his own anti-bullying campaign, this track strongly boasts the message while still focusing on the same clever outbreaks in his lyricism; which easily makes this track the anthem behind his campaign, which adds a lot to his interactivity as an Artist, and good influence to those around him.

He’s an absolutely amazing presence among our roster, and he’s the type of Artist you rarely run into; one that keeps it real, has that insatiable passion for what he does, and refuses to back down from the top spot. Which in our eyes, has been earned in whole and is well deserved. We at Artist Reach can’t speak more highly of Ronnie Run!

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