Artist Review: Jenny Bonner

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


An essence of delicacy, and the soothing sound that sets sail for Jenny Bonner leaves a very comfortable outlet for the acoustic sound she presents.

Her current single “Movin’ On” from her anticipated EP Moments (releasing March 1st) gives us a brilliant demonstration of how much well-written acoustic music can soothe the soul and leave such an impact. With a voice that has a perfected vibrato and very melody-friendly range, Jenny clearly has a tone and comfort you can easily get hooked on, and genuinely embraced with. 

This track has one of those 90s-style choruses strictly in the brilliance behind the writing; where the melody doesn’t stray far from the verses, has that blissful and heartfelt catchiness, and a reminder of how refreshing it is to hear what great song writing sounds like again in the acoustic genre.

Jenny‘s voice is definitely captivating, so the production value doesn’t need to re-shape or reinvent any aspect of her vocal approach at all; just like her natural beauty on the outside, we grasp the inner beauty through presence of her voice, which displays the perfect foreground setting behind the complimenting violins and piano parts that puts the touch to her overall sound.

Jenny Bonner‘s single is very tender, clever, and is a must-listen for our audience seeking a perfect back rub to their music taste. Her EP Moments releases on March 1st…we call dibs on the first copy! And perhaps an autograph too.

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