Artist Review: James Kennedy AKA Kountry Kayn

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Smooth, collective, and the perfect dosage of ambience is displayed in Kountry Kayn‘s single “Roll wit’ Me”.

There’s a great grasp on connecting with both Hip Hop and R&B textures when listening to the vibrant flow that gives the foreground a perfect craft that gives Kayn his signature sound. There’s great bass tone and rotund low end in the beat along with a great hook in the Pre-Chorus and Chorus. 

The sing-songy style in this track really gives this song a great feel of catchiness; with very uplifting and positive lyrical content that isn’t smothered with curse words and explicit warnings. I can definitely hear an Atlantic, Interscope, Virgin, RCA, and Def Jam sensibility here; a sound that could very well be househeld. 

That’s another rare thing with the newer generation of Hip Hop nowadays; the explicit nature in a lot of the lyrical content, often times repetitive, with its market’s main focus being kids and young adults. It’s refreshing to know an Artist like Kayn can bring something to this market that’s suitable for almost anyone. Especially with the message that’s carried with it.

The production quality sustains a great blend of both the edginess, catchiness, and never outdoes itself in any way, which leaves a lot of breathing room for the listener to hear how vibrant and chill the beat, tempo, and flow really is.

We here at Artist Reach hope to come together more with Kountry Kayn and his future projects. He’s got a brilliant presence to his songs, and shows a very dynamic style in his talent that deserves all the recognition possible.

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