Artist Review: Trynket

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Natural sound. Natural voice. Natural beauty. And a natural altogether.

This is some dynamically fresh fruit for the ear with Trynket‘s very eclectic, electric, and tropical sound integrated with that irresistible pop sensibility. Her single “Inday From Cebu” is a very uplifting track with a strong showcase of vocal range, natural talent, well polished production value, and a very dynamic approach to tackling the pop genre without overproduction theatrics that can tend to diminish the nature of an Artist’s natural gift of talent.

The auto-tune has been placed on hold for this track, and rightly so. Without pitch correction and over compression in the post production stages, you get to hear Trynket‘s voice soar through this track; first giving off a calm and collective tone to her mature vocal ambience, and shortly after hitting you with a very powerful vocal range with the perfect layer of chorus and reverb to compliment her naturally gifted sound that makes you even more interested as the track progresses.

There are so many key factors and compliments in the songwriting; the progressions are catchy and well placed, the melody that is beautifully placed over the progressions are gracefully eclectic and have a brilliant sensibility to them, and there’s harmonies in exactly the right places. 

I can definitely grasp the depth of a track like this; everything from the lyrical content to the production value which shares perfect parallels in brilliance, originality, character, showcase, and overall nature of Trynket‘s blissful and refreshing natural sound. This is something perfect for a summer soundtrack, movie soundtrack, and has that ability to be placed just about anywhere. Trynket is an Artist that definitely has big things on the horizon, and this single definitely showcases her ability beautifully. If her main goal was to blow minds by showing off her god’s gift of vocal ability, mission accomplished. I anticipate highly what tricks Trynket has up her sleeve in the shortcoming.

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