Artist Review: The Smashed Idols

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


If Nirvana, The Rolling Stones and The Pixies met at a bar for a jam session with The Sex Pistols as contributing songwriters, you just might give some justification to the sound that is The Smashed Idols.

This is Rock n’ freaking Roll. No doubt about it; and a hybrid form of it with very admirable elements. It’s a great take on yesterday and today’s high energy-voltage that captivated listeners from when iconic bands like the ones listed above put it into play.

Their track “Bring The Invasion” brings you an in-your-face sound with surprisingly fitting clean vocals and plenty of gang-vocals to satisfy any punk rock fan. Their riffs are bendy, raunchy, and written to boggle the mind; but somehow leave breathing room for the brain to soak up the dynamics of their overall sound.

It’s been awhile that a track has captivated me and grabbed my attention as quickly as this one. It has all the right elements, the songwriting adequacy for this take on the Rock genre, and shares a very distinctive energy that is difficult to classify; and I mean that in very great ways.

There’s also an originality that is boasted within their sound and overall craft. While being able to hear many different influences coming from the heart of the band’s sound, you can still hear a signature sound that is brilliant, diligent, and full of endless fun.

I haven’t heard a band quite like this and I could most likely go on forever breaking down the reasons of what makes this band as interesting as they are, and to adamantly push you to listen to them all day and night. But the best way to know exactly what makes this band what they are is to listen to them. Not now…but right now. 

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