Artist Review: Timeless Void

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Sarah Lewis


Raunchy, electronic, and a grasp of a time that shouldn’t be voided out in the least. So don’t let the name of this electro-punk outfit Timeless Void mislead you, because the inspirations and dynamics you hear in this band’s mixture of many ear-catching and clever breakouts make them worth your undivided attention.

If Devo and The Sex Pistols had surrogate sons, Timeless Void could live up to the roles of being among those greats; and really do! Their single “The Shadows” solidifies this comparison and brings out all the best charismatic features among their electronically pumped punk sensibility with entertaining twists and turns among their writing structures while keeping their approach perfectly consistent. This song definitely manifests many elements from the 80s-90s glory days while still sustaining the ability to capture newer audiences among today’s influences.

They may not be trying to deliver you the next best #Hashtag or trend to distract you from a haplessly uninteresting effort, because it isn’t needed. T-Void (trend that if it will suffice) is a band that is keeping it simple when it comes to Branding or Marketing–writing great songs. Which to this day is the mystery to success according to most Artists that really believe they are the next gift from God to the Music Industry. But it’s no mystery, and Timeless Void demonstrates this. It’s the defining factors of brilliant songwriting from brilliant minds that form a chemistry among a group of talented musicians pursuing music for the right reasons.

That’s what makes this band stand out–their ability to put out a humble, fun, and charismatic sound. The vocals have a spoken-word feel to it, just like the days of when punk rock didn’t overdose on pop-core. The guitars are raunchy and progressive, aggressive, and perfectly compliment the electro-shock that is beautifully fitting in the foreground.

Timeless Void has a sound that is authentic, eclectic, and has an edge that might put you at the floor in front of your seat. 

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