Artist Review: Blue Moon Harem

Review by: Justyn Brodsky  


Let’s get down to it. I’ve never had a breath of fresh air quite like this quartet of Alternative Rockers Blue Moon Harem. I’m absolutely in awe with just about every aspect of this band, and even that could be an understatement.

Their current single “Lie” is truthfully one of those songs that makes me visualize an enormous neon sign with “MUSICIANSHIP” lighting up the landscape. No lie.

BMH brings us back to the glory days of when writing unforgettable choruses, perfection in production value, and intelligent lyrical content that gives music enough staying power to be talked about many years later is brought back to the surface; that is, if a band these days even has staying power anymore (i.e. “Wonderwall”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, etc.). But I think this band has just that. That rare finding of staying power among the songwriting. That songwriting! The songs we miss the most, and yearn for terribly, and sometimes hopelessly.

Everything about “Lie” is absolutely remarkable and is a songwriting milestone in my opinion. With today’s Rock sensibility perfectly crafted into this song, we hear a lot of dynamic 90s crossovers. I can definitely hear a Soundgarden influence with Live‘s “Throwing Copper” elements to really bring out the wholeness and full orchestration of this song’s Chorus. And it’s a Chorus that doesn’t disappoint in the least.

Their track “Finland” also grasps you with this same formula, and keeps you wanting more. And if nothing more is available, you can always hit that REPEAT option.

Not just I, but YOU, your friends, and this Industry has been needing more bands like Blue Moon Harem for far too long. If you’re into all the perfect elements of great songwriting with that undeniable staying power, then this is your band. And bands like this are rare gems in today’s music. Now it’s time for you to go take a listen. Be ready to have your “amazement” button switched on.

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