Artist Review: Mericana

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Hailing from the Canadian landscapes of Alberta, we get some of the best noise we’ve heard in quite some time. Alt/Rockers Mericana from the first listen pulls you right in.

Their song “Unknown” starts out with one of those guitar riffs that makes you wish you were the one who wrote it first. The tones are perfected and is a defining factor of what makes a song like this shine the way it does. Then in comes the Blues-oriented vocals with rock sensibilities that are garnished most likely from endless influences. But bottom line is, it just works. There are tasty harmonies, distinctive melodies, and a triumphant edge to the overall sound.

“Coaltown Blues” offers up this same format with a more bluesy edge to it, but doesn’t stray from the Rock elements at all. It has a dynamically built-up intro and eases you into their signature sound displayed in its predecessor. Once again, more riff age to crunch on, and a great mixture of diminished and augmented vocal melodies. 

The guitar riffs, punchy rhythm section, and charismatic vocal structures define this band’s sensibility and overall defining factors. They’re another band that keeps us hopeful that the undeniably unforgettable songwriting formulas from the 90s to early 2000s could be making its mark again. And more proof that a majority of today’s best Rock bands with the best songwriting is underground & indie. Mericana is another discovery that you’ll thank yourself for discovering. Because when the time is right, bands like Mericana will be in the limelight again. Sooner the better.

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