Artist Review: Rosewood Creek

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Acoustic, Electric, Eclectic, and a group of good folks from St. Petersburg, Florida bringing you some good Folk into your playlist! This wholesome unit known as Rosewood Creek is definitely a well orchestrated one and showcases every member’s talent with their many different moods among the Americana, Folk, and Western recipes for the Soul. 

Their 12-track LP American Sojourn brings just about something for everyone. Many tales, twists and turns, this album explores a very roots-oriented sound with a very traditional vibe to it. It’s a collection of songs where you definitely won’t hear the same sound twice, but you can still hear the garnished signatures to every song along with very charismatic multi-layered harmonies that are very authentic and well-written.

Their song “Latest Regret” has a very seductive introduction with a great blend of dueling clean guitars tackling a very catchy riff as the female vocalist transitions into her first verse smoothly, and very dynamically determined to capture your attention. It’s a slow and subtle buildup that sways diligently into something you can’t help but fall into. It has a very mastered craft and showcases a very atmospheric aura among the band members holding this song perfectly in place. It’s just awesome.

Then we can step up the energy a bit with “My People”. An anti-war anthem with the male vocalist carrying the torch. It starts powerfully, and cruises through each measure with a captivating vibe to its message and wholesome sound. This song definitely explores the different elements you hear throughout this LP and leaves you with plenty of breathing room to take in each song for what it really portrays. 

And that’s what makes this album such a great listen–you hear many elements and moods throughout each track. You won’t hear the same thing twice. American Sojourn is a journey being led by 5 very well-polished musicians that write and showcase their music from their hearts and souls as one. And with each member showcasing their craft on this album, you can easily relate to them and enjoy every track of this journey, and the stories and inspirations that are carried with it.

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