Artist Review: BoDee

Review By: Justyn Brodsky

Some Artists poetically go into major depths and deep meanings in their songs. I have no doubt this Artist does a lot of that, but in BoDee‘s banger “Two Words”, we are gonna come up to the surface and keep it real for this one. VERY real.

I’m sure all of us have had a nasty breakup…or 9. And what’s a fellow Artist to do most of the time? Write about it! With the exception of Taylor Swift, most of us have two words we would love to shout at some of those nasty exes. And it’s not “best wishes”. I’m sure you catch the drift. With this in mind, BoDee holds nothing back with this lyrical attack, and how the song’s theme is approached is what makes it hit as hard as it does. It’s a big smack in the face on the first listen, for so many good reasons. 

We hear a very clever and well-textured opening bluesy guitar riff as the smooth and soothing R&B vocals start things off. Thinking that this song might be just another well written Rhythm & Blues anthem, in steps the Hip-Hop sledgehammer that I never saw coming. And it appropriately begins with those…two words. Those two words we hear all the time, but in this case, a time where it has most impact; when it’s least expected.

BoDee‘s vocals are charismatic with a very solid range and great tone. It’s rare that you find Rappers who are also able to sing their hooks at this level. The rhymes are clever, the complimented R&B melodies are integrated and fit perfectly in the song’s overall craft, and it’s a song in my opinion that’ll never get old. It’s a great uplifter for the possibly broken man. It’s also an honest song, just about as honest as it gets. The Musicianship parallels this as well perfectly, so all the right elements are there. The delivery is spot on, the production value never outdoes itself, and this song is bound to be on repeat for many guys out there yearning to shout those two words at the one who went astray. Beauty of it is, they don’t have to personally do it…they can just send them this song. And let it do all the talking it needs. This song is just remarkable. We all have related to it time and time again, and this song will be listened to the same way; time and time again. 

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