Artist Review: illrecur

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Experimental, Industrial, with soothing doses of Ambience, illrecur‘s 27-track release Longitude definitely has longevity with its laid-back textures and mood swings among the dark elements that ties this album together.

With the omittence of vocals completely, Longitude is a roller coaster of emotions and deep thoughts that keeps you captivated with its experimental use of Diminished and Augmented progressions. There’s a very dynamic mesh between a sound that has video game pacing and futuristic EDM sensibilities. It’s definitely something that gives itself great character and a memorable centerpiece; which makes you wanna dive inside the mind of its creator.

It’s an album that doesn’t need a “single” or any specific track to offer up its significance. This is one of those albums where the entire album is the “single” or “hit song”. Every track is a piece of the puzzle, and it flows dynamically with its signature ambience throughout every song. However, it uses this formula without being repetitious or outdone. It’s very difficult to listen to 27 tracks straight without becoming burnt out or perhaps being overly spoon fed by one Artist. But this is not the case with illrecur. He gave this album a title that couldn’t share a more perfect parallel–Longevity.

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