Artist Review: Side Car

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Taking some of the best innovative elements of 70-80s Funk, 90s Electronica and West Coast Hip Hop served shaken or stirred, leaves you with a very eclectic and electric taste of something sweet and catchy with Side Car‘s “Kelly”.

“…Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, pick up the phone…” is an ear bender that you couldn’t get out of your head if you tried. One thing Side Car demonstrates with this song is the insatiable ability of constructing a proper melody, and giving you something very easy to hum along to. The use of yesterday’s and today’s instrumentation and key factors of plugins during post-production is dynamic, and never outdoes itself.

It’s a captivating track. A fun one. It’s a song that could easily convince you that it came out decades ago on the Billboard 100, but still sets a tone that fits into today’s sensibility and musical interest among the fans, the scene, and industry alike. The atmosphere of their sound perhaps gives you a nostalgic feeling; one where you may be taking in the moment and embracing it, or remembering your glory days from way-back-when. It’s a great sensation and magic that only music itself can create. Side Car definitely has that magic, and it sets the tone for them beautifully.

If you want something that has some serious staying power among the catchiness of melodies, Side Car is your draft pick. And you’ll be humming along to “Kelly” before the track is even over. 

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