Artist Review: Blue Moon Harem (Review #2)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

I’m more than stoked to have these Boston Alt/Rockers back on the platform. It’s a treat and very much a privilege, because when I reviewed Blue Moon Harem earlier this year (you can find it in the Review Archives), I only had their single “Lie” to work with, an amazing song from their upcoming album Deep Into Blue, which made me yearn for more of this band. I guess I got my wish. And chances are if you read the first review and listened to “Lie” as well, then you did as well!

Now we’re onto two more songs from the upcoming album, and just like I anticipated, these ones are just as mind-blowing. Deep Into Blue is definitely on my list of most anticipated albums of 2016, and now I’m armed with two more tracks to prove why.

Starting off with the acoustically driven and ridiculously well written song “Lucky”, we immediately hear catchy acoustic measures that lead into a verse that makes very intricate use of ride-and-snare drum techniques. It fits beautifully and definitely adds a dynamic touch to the overall rhythm sound’s approach. The vocals once again are perfectly toned, very strong and compressed in the powerful chorus, and puts the perfect signature to BMH‘s overall aura. “Lucky” is very uplifting and the band’s ability to construct the perfect melody over solid guitar riffs is definitely shown as one of their overall defining factors.

Moving onto “My Front Door”, this one immediately pulls you in with a very captivating guitar-and-vocal intro. But what makes this song stand out to me the most is that classic use of acoustic-and-electric riffs where the acoustic’s texture compliments the electric’s foreground completely. It also lends it’s vibes to the rhythm section as well, leaving you with a very unforgettable and undeniably solid, crisp tone and textures. Again, we have a flawless chorus with soaring vocal melodies and a surprisingly beautifully ambient guitar solo not long after the second chorus. 

If this is your first time reading about Blue Moon Harem, just know this: I can’t stress enough how well-polished this band is, and how ridiculously well written these songs are. Nowadays, with everything doused in EDM, auto-tune and the overuse of plugins during post-production stages…you’ll see just how much of a breath of fresh air Blue Moon Harem really is. Remember those songs from the epic 90’s-early 2000’s era where brilliant songwriting was the main focus? Yes, this band has that! You’ll be more than glad you discovered Blue Moon Harem.

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