Artist Review: Tune Tank

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A very cleverly boasted take on today’s Alt/Indie and the glory days of old school Rock elements, we find a very eclectic chemistry from Tune Tank. A very mastered craft with extraordinary production, this band has a great mixture of many elements from influences like Coldplay and early greats like The Beatles. 

Their song “Innocent Man” shares a very well-polished sound with a very uplifting mood. With great use of acoustic-textures and well-orchestrated measures, the verses set a very solid tone. It’s a great build to a very full and powerful chorus without leaving any stones unturned. Extravagant vocal harmonies with guitar melodies that compliment and complete the overall vocal delivery, this song is a dynamic one, and will definitely grab your attention. And the production value couldn’t be more fitting for this kind of Alt/Rock sensibility. You can definitely see, hear, and feel the talent that’s been brought to the table for this song.

Their second track “Sometimes I Do (Sometimes I Don’t Even Try)” is a very soulful acoustic & vocal anthem in its first several measures, once again leading up to another solidified and well-written chorus with well-placed harmonies. This song gives you an authentic feel and really showcases the band’s individual ability blended into a brilliant chemistry. This talent among the trio with an engineer with an ear for detail will definitely leave you with a brilliant outcome, and Tune Tank did exactly just that. This band is a treat and a discovery that will exceed your expectations.

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