Artist Review: P1LOT

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Electric, Eclectic, and an Experimental aura throughout each diverse track from P1LOT‘s EDM-oriented Radior LUX full-length.

With every song bringing its own additive to the mix, this is an album where you definitely won’t hear the same thing twice. With ambient, clean melodic vocals in the foreground, it’s definitely the dynamics behind the instrumentation usage that really brings out the poise for this record. “Oxygen” is a piano anthem that showcases a very well written melody with a down to earth approach. It succumbs to a great buildup and could easily be one of the most soothing tracks you’ve heard in quite awhile. And the moods and textures help blend this chemistry into a solidified signature sound that makes this song hold stable ground. 

Other tracks like “Leaving This City” and “Captivity” bring in the bass and electronic intricacy. Very melodic, experimental, and very clever with its dynamics and Hip Hop sensibility in some of the beats. The structures are interesting, flow well together, and definitely give you a taste of something different in every track. The ambience still shines and holds a lot of relevance in each track, which adds to the textures and compliments the vocal melodies perfectly.

Radior LUX is definitely new food for the ear, and a great one-man project that showcases a very melodic and ambient writing style, and edginess to compliment the albums diversity. P1LOT, a two-time Artist of the Year nominee with music featured on VH1, is definitely worthy of your headphones and speakers. You’ll find a soothing edge and a good-vibe kind of nature.

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