Artist Review: Alicia Carol

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Christina Myers

Enchanting, versatile, and a voice that only God can passionately place within someone’s soul. Alicia Carol since childhood has had that gift from God ever since, and showcases it powerfully.

Her genuine and heart-warming Mother/Daughter lyrical concept in her ballad “Stay at Home Mom” is one of diligence, warmth, high spirits, and a musically orchestrated demonstration of innovation. This Country-ballad has production value that fits like a glove for a song like this; the verses are calm and showcases the range and tone that Alicia sustains and shows strong musicianship among the lead players and rhythm section as the song builds up to a breathtaking, powerful chorus that makes an incredible authentic use of three-part harmonies and well-structured use of all the string-instruments involved. It’s a beautiful song that gives Alicia a glow; something that plays at your heartstrings and can bring you to tears, especially with the song’s concept.

The ascending and descending use of steel guitars in the verses compliment the ambience and calm textures in the verses, and helps the buildup that leads to the chorus, and these ingredients are used appropriately, diligently, and brings out a full sound that showcases Alicia‘s voice properly. Her voice is soulful, expressive, and her authenticity is something that you can hear beautifully in the foreground; which is a big defining factor to this ballad. It’s compelling, it’s a breath of fresh air, and a song you can dance under the stars to.

Alicia has had a very notable career over the years and has received critical acclaim and great reception. She’s been nominated for Country Artist of the Year by Womenincharg3, and will be performing one of her singles at their Award Show in Atlanta on August 6th this summer. Alicia will also be headlining Rock the Holler in Lynchburg, TN on July 31st, and also has been selected to perform an opening slot at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for the Demi Lovato/Nick Jonas tour on September 5th. If you’re in these areas during these dates, please don’t miss out! Alicia Carol deserves your undivided attention, and will lift up your very soul.

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