Artist Review: Guido Voza

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

An epic journey into the world of a solo guitarist and self-producer, Guido Voza has put a very ambient and dynamic strength with his album Maya and brings the mind and mood to captivating places.

There’s no specific song that stands out as a “hit”, because the entire album is a hit in and of itself completely. The structures are timeless, the moods are emotional, and the production value definitely gives this album the niche that fits perfectly. The guitar melodies soar and give you that feeling of being on a journey into the unknown, or perhaps a higher place. It’s audio that creates imagery in the mind, and there’s nothing repetitive at all. You get a new adventure and grasp onto something new throughout every track of Maya. 

The song intros set the tone for what’s to come on an album like this. With EDM sensibilities and emotional build ups leading to the guitar work, it’s impossible not to be captivated by what awaits in the rest of the track. You can hear some influences that could be comprised of other guitar greats like David Gilmore or Steve Vai’s Passion and Warfare, but Guido has created something extraordinarily crafted with a signature sound that is all his own. Being a guitarist myself, this is something I can listen to and understand throughout every measure. It’s the type of album where you lay back, keep the mind open, the eyes closed, and let the adventure of Maya take you to places you’ve never been before.

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