Artist Review: Serge Bulat

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

An imaginative visual experience in audio. Serge Bulat‘s LP Queuelbum is a brilliant time-inspired instrumental album that delves into the world of conceptual art, experimental music narratives, and innovation of utilizing music as a parallel to what we see and hear

The New York artist shines light on the shifting realm of sound with great use of piano, organ, and other classical instruments that are implemented into a very evolved sound. It’s very calm, yet challenges the mind. It’s an album inspired and conceptualized by the philosophical aspect of time. It tells a story without even needing to speak or sing a word. It has moods that bring out music’s visual essence and could easily be used as a film score. Darren Aronofsky comes to mind, with that being said. 

Queuelbum definitely isn’t something to listen to while in a negative mood or in a state of stress; this is something your mind needs 100% devotion to in order to hear, see, and feel the message that Bulat creates in every track. Each track utilizes a similar mood, but brings something new to the table every time. It’s a brilliantly expressive album that has a lot of passion and backstory. It’s an album that makes you want to dive into the mind of its creator, and see how it was originated. Because the beauty of this album is…it could mean something different to each person that listens to it. Because everyone’s imagination is different. So when listening to Queuelbum, ask yourself…what do you see, hear, and feel? Put your mind to the challenge, and give this masterpiece a listen.

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