Artist Review: Shining Force 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

For those of you who yearn for heavy metal’s epic years of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast, the entire Judas Priest catalogue, and Metallica’s first 3 albums…we have a special treat for you.

We have another reason not to mess with Texas. These Pasadena rockers are bringing back a sound that never left in the first place. Christian/Metal band Shining Force by way of solid guitar riffs and a stampede of a rhythm section remind us that true metal is still at the heart of all metal fans alike, despite the additives to the genre over the years (i.e.: core, black, death, speed, nu, melodic, and any other word you can attach).

Starting off with their track “Rapture”, we get served up with some unstoppable energy and guitar riffs that cruise into a very melodic and in-your-face verse. The vocals sustain an impressive range and definitely have a Maiden-worthy vibrato that sets the classic tone for their take on heavy metal’s glory days. There are powerful drum films, very well-crafted dueling guitars and a heavy hitting overall dynamic.

Cruising over to the title track of their upcoming album, the energy and innovation is still ever present in “By the Blood”. A track that offers up more integrated songwriting techniques and play on tempos. The guitars are very gain-fueled, crisp, and crawl right under your skin. It’s impossible to ignore the string-attack this song has and once again, we have a vocal range that was born for this breed of metal. A breed that has manifested into endless influences for today’s modern metal, and a legacy that fuels itself through bands like Shining Force. Just like all the metal greats that sit in your collection, Shining Force fits right in, and helps push the legacy onward.

The band is embarking on a full U.S. Tour this summer in support of the upcoming anticipated album, By the Blood. An album you will be very glad you purchased when it’s released. So keep an eye out to see when Shining Force is coming to your town. Mark your calendars to make sure you know when they arrive to come make their mark! You will not be disappointed.

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