Artist Review: Jean Synodinos

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Christina Myers

Fun, Folky, and cleverly seductive. Jean Synodinos’ album Love & Blood, lives up to its name and does complete justice to the title.

Right from the beginning, her track “End of the World” gives you some very classy, witty, and charismatic tone that takes you for an audio and visual ride. I picture a nostalgic, edgy presence of walking into one of Sin City’s gentleman’s lounges, on a mission for mischief. It’s a cinematic feel. Making great use of traditional minor chords and percussion textures, Jean‘s soulful and center-stage vocals is definitely one of the key elements to her overall defining factors. Her lyrics are clever, genuine, and captures you with its narratives. This is possibly one of the best opening tracks on any album I’ve heard this year, and a great opening track is what captivates you into listening to the entire album.

Love & Blood offers up a little bit of everything appropriate for its title. “This Morning” and “Picture” are very beautifully crafted songs with a great showcase of musicianship. The production value is exactly where it needs to be and never tries to overdose you on any one single element. Jean‘s clean, very well polished vocals never lose the soulful feeling, and the rest of the band helps bring out the best of her, while complimenting each other’s roles in these songs as well. 

Another one that jumped out at me was “Mercy, Mercy”, another amazing cinematic and seductive feeling that adds to the overall album’s staying power. A western collective that tells a story through audio and visual nostalgia; which I think best describes this album’s overall aura. You never hear the same thing twice, and Jean‘s voice guides you through her journey with very dynamic melody structures, and signature soulfulness that never lets you down. 

I can easily see Love & Blood fit in with the next Hollywood Western film-score or soundtrack placement. It has all the right elements and musicianship necessary with a signature solidification that keeps you wanting to hear more of Jean Synodinos. So we have Love & Blood, the album. So when do we get to see Love & Blood, the movie? Take a listen and visualize it yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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