Artist Review: Isobella Caroline

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

This is definitely a journey into the experimental realm. A dreamlike state that brings a hybrid darkness to the aura of Isobella Caroline‘s music. But that’s what makes her uniqueness stand out and uses it as a self expressive tool that creates a dynamic that she puts her signature to.

Both songs “The Muse” and “In the Garden are eclectic and indie implemented but sustains a soothing industrial edge to it. Which gets you captivated by the theatrics and artistic charisma from the vocals without being spoon fed post production quirkiness. It has razor edge and cinematic-worthy moods that define a breed of expression that makes you curious about the mind of its creator. And it’s a curiosity that keeps you listening, and anticipating what may happen in the measures to come.

The dynamics are very reflective, dark, clever, and not for the heart of mainstream sensibility–which is what makes Isobella even more interesting and admirable. She’s not gonna give you some antics that succumbs to today’s Pop Music culture shock that’s been overly used among female artists in this day & age. She is creating something that makes you think, makes you wonder, and definitely keeps you listening. She’s an artist, in its truest form. And that form is a very solidified, brilliant one.

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