Artist Review: Roger Olsen

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Upbeat, energetic, and soulfully driven might be a few ways to describe Alt/Rocker Roger Olsen‘s single “Walking Blind”, but once you grasp onto the well-placed melodic song structures that are very expressive in every measure, you obtain a very eclectic vibe that stays with you even after the song is over.

With a great jam-style edge and powerful chord changes in the mix, this is a hard song to get out of your head. Olsen‘s vocal range sets a great tone for the melodies that ensue in both verses and chorus; his climatic vibrato and charismatic vocal delivery helps put a signature topping to a very mindful, well-crafted song that showcases strengths among musicianship, songwriting, performance, and production value.

I would definitely love to hear more from this artist. There’s a unique sensibility and you can genuinely hear influences from all eras of Rock. It’s great to hear something that’s straight-forward, high-energy, and solidified. It’s an overall sound I believe any Rock listener can appreciate, and I’m eager to hear what Roger Olsen has in store for the near future and beyond. And when you take a listen to “Walking Blind” yourself, I am more than positive that you will be too.

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