Artist Review: Shaneanigans

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Solo Banks

It’s all fun and games with Shaneanigans’ new EDM-pumped single “Arcade (Original Mix)”. Starting it off with an 80s-oriented classic dance/disco beat, we get a very energetic and neo-synthesized melody that gives this song the atmosphere fit for its title. It is very arcade/game-like and it makes excellent use of the hybrid energy taken from the early era of Electronic/Dance and today’s EDM sensibility.

There’s seriously a lot of energy in this, and I can’t stress that enough. This is the perfect track to test out your new Sony Xplodes system or something to add to the rave mix if the atmosphere is eclectic and open to explore all eras of EDM and Dance. There’s a distinctive use of instruments and plugins that helps craft the melody in a way it can be most effective. And that kind of post-production requires some Shaneanigans if it’s going to deliver up the goods, which gives you a clear-cut, solid first impression if this is your first time hearing his material.

This track can definitely be used universally; whether it’s your club hotspot, a rave, house party, game soundtrack, or even today’s modern clothing store. It has great elements and definitely shines bright in the melody department. It’s ear-catchy, dance-worthy, bass-bangin, and serves up the energy to make Shaneanigans’ “Arcade” a fun place to be.

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