Artist Review: Luanne Hunt

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Traditional, Fun, and with an insatiable determination to make you grab your dance partner, Luanne Hunt‘s funky and bluesy take on Country/Indie with her single “Texas Tears” gets you right up off your feet from the minute it starts playing.

Using very traditional production methods, classic bluesy guitar scales, and a soulfully fun and catchy vibe brings out the best of Luanne Hunt‘s blissful, soothing voice and story-telling vocal structures. She has a glow with her dynamically impressive vocal range, never succumbing to just one key element, but explores all possibilities in using her gifted voice among the the musician collective that she has put together. And one thing that stands out is the impressive arrangement of backup vocals and harmony placements. There’s never a gap left open or a measure untouched on this track, and it gives this song the fun, charismatic feeling that it delivers.

The twangy guitars are ever present in all the right places, and piano-driven Blues scales that compliment everything else that parallels with it. It’s perhaps one of the best multi-instrument foundations you could ask for, gives this Country song the Blues satisfaction that uplifts the overall outcome of this song, and puts an extra spark into Luanne Hunt‘s vocal approach, leaving you with something that showcases strong musicianship, authentic songwriting, and a voice that carries you through the entire track from start to finish.

Luanne Hunt is a very talented artist with a voice that goes perfectly with her pretty smile and fun-loving vibe that she brings with “Texas Tears”. This is a song that can satisfy anyone who appreciates the genre, and will most likely be added to your favorites.

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