Artist Review: Not From Georgia

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Western Alt/Rockers Not From Georgia, led by pioneer musician Steve Westfall, have put together a very effective, catchy, and melodic album with a strong showcase of diligent songwriting and strong musicianship with their current release Willie’s Gone.

This is a very eclectic record that has a great mastered final mix that successfully brings out the best of Westfall and his band of professional musicians that bring this album all the elements needed to make Willie’s Gone a very brilliant finished product of its kind.

Songs like “Highway 84” and “Honey” are great opening tracks that introduce us to a very well-polished album with dynamic use of guitar melodies, great vocal-range, and diligence in songwriting structures. The verses have great string-fillers and has a great rhythm section that cruises along as the powerful chorus approaches. These songs are up lifters, movers, and shakers.

And with a track like “Some Days”, there’s a much more delicate and soothing foundation. The slide guitars are beautifully crafted along with the fore grounded vocal melodies that makes this song a very ambient and serene listen. It has brilliant acoustic guitar textures, solidification among the players, and a togetherness that sets apart Not From Georgia from your average Alt/Rock band with Western sensibilities.

This band has a great history, a great catalogue of music, and will definitely be appreciated among those who appreciate their genre. In fact, Not From Georgia will most likely be added to your list of current favorites. We can promise that.

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