Artist Review: Eddy Mann

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to leadership in spirituality and the love for God and life altogether, Eddy Mann is your man; your inspiration. He’s a musician, teacher, speaker, coach, husband, father, and has also been a leader in Worship for the past 15 years as well.

20 years ago however, Mann knew that through his soulful and genuine talent for music that he decided to devote his artistic expression to God. Anyone who knows him, knows that he has a very big heart and a very big impact on those that have embraced him and his music.

His single “You, You Make Me Feel” from his recent album Dig Love is a very joyful and uplifting demonstration of Mann‘s catchy melodies, great use of vocal harmonies, and a great Americana sound that carries a very positive message throughout. It’s a very diligent song with Mann‘s great voice showcasing the foreground while his band distinctly ties together a very fun, catchy sound that fits his vocals perfectly for the genre and overall aura of the song.

“You, You Make Me Feel” is currently being played on Americana radio circuits all over the world. While I have no doubt that he has endless musical influences, Mann‘s most inspirational influences come mostly from his family, God, and the genuine love & essence of life. A gift that he never takes for granted. He’s truly an artist whose spiritual realm has nurtured his devotion to creating music. Since his musical beginnings, he’s released 7 albums; Dig Love being his most recent since its 2014 release. He’s currently working on a new LP, The Consequence, slated for a Fall release; a direct follow up to Dig Love that follows the same authentic format.

Eddy Mann is an artist that truly captivates you with his spirituality, love of God, and all the loved ones in his life. His soul is ever present at all times through the soothing textures and impressive vocal range he boasts. Dig Love is a fantastic album that will definitely keep you looking forward to his follow up record. It’s a joy to behold, as is Mann‘s music and personality alike!

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