Artist Review: Free From Gravity

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

We get a breath of fresh air with Alt/Rockers Free From Gravity‘s influential, innovative, and eclectic sound. Their most recent EP Saints & Sinners is a collective record of well-polished, well-written, and captivating songs for pretty much any Alternative/Rock listener, with a sound that other solidifying elements that make Free From Gravity a band you can easily add to your shelf of favorites thus far.

We hear a dynamically great mix of older Rock influences, 90s, and a sensibility of today’s Rock elements. 

You can hear a very guitar-driven, ambient sound in their opening track “Crazy Lady”. A great down-tempo song with a lot of guitar textures, complimenting solos, and great R.E.M. inspired vocals that fit perfectly into the song’s craft and soothing melodies with a Pink Floyd feel to it. It has great melody sequences, terrific production value, and astonishing guitar work that helps bring out the band’s musicianship in its entirety.

We then jump to the next two tracks, “Dance With Me” and EP-title track “Saints & Sinners”. Two brilliant up-tempo tracks that bring out the band’s charisma and fun factors that get you humming along to the extremely catchy choruses. These tracks demonstrate a very ever present energy and a sound that can help you picture a great live show. There are great harmony structures in all the right places, which solidifies the powerful choruses and great build ups in the verses into the pre chorus & chorus.

The end track, “Step Into The Sunlight”, is a feel-good track that ties together all the elements that this EP definitely offers. Great eclectic Alt/Rock that has a very uplifting feel, a fun & witty approach that definitely would make their live show a great experience (and guarantee that it does), and ingredients from all the spices of our favorite eras of rock that fits into today’s sensibility of the genre. Saints & Sinners is definitely a great EP for all Rock listeners alike. And in case you found out about them through this review, just remember you heard it from us first.

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