Artist Review: Dave Bremner

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

“Gentle Healing…Special Feeling”. Beautiful words that not only include the title of this soothing Dave Bremner single, but also two descriptive words that are in the song; words that describe the feeling you get from this Soft Alt/Country track from this brilliant Scottish singer/songwriter; properly titled “Gentle Healing”.

Bremner‘s anthem is a very dynamic one, but has that simplicity that has always worked beautifully in songs like this. Great use of acoustic and electric guitars that parallel each other with traditional chords that have great texture when properly placed together, which leaves plenty of room for Dave to write very effective, and unforgettable vocal melodies.

He has a very distinctive voice that has great elements of many influences. His voice doesn’t just boast a country feel, but also one of Alternative and even Rock sensibility. So it’s almost impossible to not be captivated by how eclectic and open-ended Dave Bremner‘s voice is. This man could sing for many different genres if he wants to.

“Gentle Healing” just came out recently at the end of May on Shine On Records and has hit the ground running ever since. Which is Dave Bremner‘s Freshman/Debut effort as a solo artist since his previous group disbanded. Bremner is also a devoted family man, and on top of his music, teaches Martial Arts and is also a Meditation Practitioner. Very impressive sets of skills that you won’t find in the every-day-musician! But as far as the music is concerned, “Gentle Healing” is a track that captivates the soul, soothes the body & mind, and carries some of the greatest moods the genre could ever offer. “Gentle Healing” is currently available on all major streaming and downloading platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and many others. Dave Bremner‘s music is beyond worth the listen, and will find its place to your heart in no time. 

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