Artist Review: JRS 3

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was 13. But with the help of Johnny Raymond Sanford III, better known as the R&B/Hip Hop artist JRS 3 (on Star 1 Records), I can now say I’m a coffee listener. 

With one of the most catchiest R&Beats (yes, as of now, that term exists) I’ve heard conjured up in quite awhile, JRS 3‘s newest single “Coffee” is a laid-back and caffeinated treat to start your day off, just like the drink itself. But for avid coffee drinkers/music listeners, this song is a great club track, bass-thumping car stereo song, and just an overall fantastic take on the sing-songy side to Hip Hop as well, no matter the time of day.

If you’re into classic artists with a similar craft like Nelly, R. Kelly, and LL Cool J…JRS 3 will be an absolute grade-A artist for you. This song is catchy, has a great theme and concept, brilliant vocal layering, and very impressive vocal deliveries. It’s also nice to get away from the same old self-serving lyricism that Hip Hop has these days. JRS 3 doesn’t need to brag about owning a Beamer, having tons of money, or boasting about drug dealing…he just wants you to have a cup of coffee. And if this song played in every Starbucks location across the landscape, I guarantee the public would be drinking a lot more.

It’s a simple concept; coffee. But it’s done brilliantly. This artist isn’t dousing you with a bunch of generic confusion or ridiculous wordsmith antics, he’s showing off amazing vocal skills, addictive melodies, and a brilliant take on this genre; which is refreshing granted how saturated it is nowadays.

I love coffee. And I love this song. If coffee were a song, this song would be the perfect cup, the perfect brew, and you’ll be treating yourself to it every day (and night!).

JRS 3 has received acclaim over the years, with many of his songs gaining attention by earning prestigious placements on National AirPlay Charts, including his Akademia Award-winning double-single “Red White Blue/You and Me”. With “Coffee” currently hitting the airwaves explosively,  the Star 1 Records artist looks forward to once again dominating the AirPlay Charts. JRS 3 is currently writing and recording his upcoming full-length. We at Artist Reach call dibs on an autographed copy!

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