Artist Review: Malk Naz

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A vivacious sound, strong sing-songy outbursts with clever rhyming schemes that transitions beautifully makes Malk Naz‘s new single “The Wave (I’m Turn’t Up)”  a very charismatically fun listen with some great lines and bars that can easily stick in your head like glue.

Hailing from North Carolina, Malk Naz has hit the ground running since coming onto the scene; collating with a great handful of talented artists and putting in the proper legwork to make his name known, admired, and recognized.

This single has all of today’s and yesterday’s Hip Hop elements that makes a song like this an instant club banging classic, or bass thumping anthem. It has that insatiable R&B influenced production value with great lines and hooks that keep you listening and grasping onto the catchy nature that this track gives off. It’s not overly explicit, it has good vibes, and can be appreciated by anyone that’s captivated by this genre. 

Malk Naz has a very persistent voice that fits perfectly in the forefront and carries with him a dynamic aura, a high confidence level, and great direction with his unique style that could easily be heard among NYC’s HOT 97 rotation.

This artist brings a lot of chemistry to his craft and is very noticeable in this track, and other tracks in his catalogue as well. But I must say, “The Wave” definitely set out to impress, and succeeded beautifully. This is by far a must-listen for any charismatic Hip Hop listener. Malk Naz will definitely be worthy of being added to your playlist.

Malk Naz‘s Next To Rise Tour took place earlier this year in March. He’s currently booking new tour dates. Keep your eyes and ears open for when he comes to your city!

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