Artist Review: J. Knight

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Chris Barbosa

Now this Artist reached out to me and…just, wow. A solo artist that isn’t rapping or singing Bieber-Pop? The second J. Knight‘s new single “Living For the Memories (Here & Now)” started playing, I already knew I was in for a very special treat.

Hearing awesome Rock/Pop/Punk influences like Goldfinger, Allister, and the early Drive-Thru Records era is something to really behold nowadays, especially from a solo artist that wants to sing well-written, loud, catchy, guitar-riffy songs without EDM theatrics or auto-tune.

This song just jams, and jams hard. It starts you off with an awesome guitar progression with tasty octave chords to set the tone for what’s to come for the vocal melodies, and the tones are very well EQed with solid tone and powerful gain, leaving you with some riffage that’s bound to stick in your head relentlessly.

J. Knight, from B-Lo (Buffalo, NY) has a very natural vocal style that perfectly solidifies this song’s direction; his range is perfect for this genre, and the clean, well-polished vocals gives this single the perfect overall signature sound. His dueling vocals in the verses add a very charismatic touch and gets you even more captivated by this song’s chemistry and energy that never lets up. 

The chorus is one that you’ll be humming to yourself relentlessly. And on top of the solid songwriting, the positive message in this song is another element that gives it that “instant classic” status. The rhythm section cruises, the energy uplifts you relentlessly, and J. Knight‘s signature vocal delivery will leave you nothing short of amazed with how well crafted this song really is.

We need more artists and bands willing to do more music like this. Where the production isn’t what makes the song…it’s the song that makes the production! Do yourself a favor, listen to this song now. Do your neighbors a favor, blast it really loud, and knock on all their doors and tell them to do the same.

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