Artist Review: Yaqub (AKA YaThatIsAll)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A wordsmith. A master of his craft. 

Hailing from the southside of Chi-Town (Chicago, IL), Hip Hop pioneer Yaqub (AKA YaThatIsAll) has been one of the city’s biggest Afro-Hip-Hop trendsetters for over a decade and also has an astonishing history since his start many moons ago in many different parts of the world. 

One of his first culture shocks came about when he and his parents relocated to Lagos, Nigeria in Africa where Yaqub quickly took an interest in acting, music, and the overall nature of becoming an aspiring artist at a ripe young age destined for great things. In short, he found his passion, his niche, and purpose. And while in Lagos, he got featured on some of the best TV Shows/Networks where he got to grab a big taste of the spotlight no matter how big or small the industry resources were at the time.

Fast forward and we have a very dynamic, witty, and highly established original sound coming from the rhymes, hooks, tongue twists and turns from a very well-polished and self-made artist. His songs are like a bag a chips, one is never enough. You wanna hear all that this artist has to offer. He even spit 16-bars over the beat for Slim Thug’s “Smile” which blew me away. From his collection of singles, remixes, and experimental twists on his solidified and original tongue-twisty style, Yaqub is another perfect example that Hip Hop in its underground places for discovery has and always will be the much better part of the genre.

One track from his most recent release Proof called “The Trailer” currently has an Official Music Video available on YouTube. It’s a must-see and must-listen. Yaqub is an Award-Winning Artist with some very impressive critical acclaim; collaborating with many other elite and well known Rappers and Producers which has helped his career immensely. 

Yaqub is another artist that became inspired, aspired, and has hit the ground running ever since. He’s a discovery you’re gonna thank yourself for discovering. Real talk. Real Hip Hop. And a journey to behold as Yaqub climbs the industry ladder.

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